Product benefits

  • Very efficient
  • Almost 100% A2A2
  • High components
  • Best bottom-line profitability

Jerseys are the fastest growing breed in the United States.

No wonder, as multiple studies indicate that Jersey is the breed for efficiency and bottom-line profitability. The Jersey population in the US is growing by about 18% per year.

But Jerseys aren’t just a popular breed in the US.

CRV is excited to tap into the best Jersey genetics from all around the world. With varying breeding goals and bloodlines, you can pick & choose which Jersey fits your herd the best:

  • European
  • North American
  • New Zealand

Overall, CRV looks for the following characteristics in all marketed Jersey bulls:

  • Bottom-line profitability
  • High feed efficiency
  • Long Productive life
  • Good fertility
  • Excellent health
  • Milk with high solids
  • Outcross pedigrees


‘We wouldn't milk anything else. Jerseys are the most efficient cows. '
Chateau Basque Jerseys, California, USA

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