Product benefits

  • Unbiased mating advice
  • Web-based
  • For all breeds
  • Based on all the available data
  • Customizable
The perfect match for a perfect herd

Every dairy producer dreams of high herd profitability. With genetics, you lay the foundation of your herd. You want to breed cows that suit your particular herd conditions and your own unique breeding goal.
Many producers find genetics complicated. And that’s is true, making genetic progress isn’t easy and seems to be getting more complicated by more technological advances like genomic selection.

Enter Sirematch. An un-biased, customizable mating engine that takes into account everything needed to you the mating recommendations that lead to the cows you want to milk.

SireMatch is more than just a mating program. This genetic management program helps to get maximum progress in your herd with minimum effort.

  • SireMatch offers you a choice of breeding goals that you can adapt and customize to suit your own wishes.
  • Your own SireMatch advisor will provide personal support and guidance, and, using the program, will help you select the bulls that match your breeding goal best.
  • Based on your herd information, SireMatch calculates breeding values for animals without PTAs
  • Then, taking into account all (G)PTAs, your breeding goal and all pedigree information, SireMatch generates the most optimal mating recommendations for maximum genetic progress.
  • Sirematch also makes sure that your inbreeding stays under an agreed threshold and can tell you which bulls are cleanest to your herd.

1. Your perfect herd
Your personal breeding goal is the central factor for the advice provided by SireMatch. Various standard breeding goals are available to help make your choice easier. But if you prefer, creating a customized breeding goal is also possible. Your SireMatch advisor is happy to help you to create your perfect herd.

2. Cow
SireMatch works based on the pedigree, conformation, and performance of the animals in your herd. SireMatch can help support your breeding decisions even if you do not use type classification or milk recording controls. Instead, the program uses the estimated values based on the pedigree data. It goes without saying that SireMatch utilizes all the available genomic breeding values.

3. Bulls
SireMatch helps you select the bulls that make the best fit with your breeding goal. Based on this breeding goal, the program generates advice to recommend the most suitable bull for each animal.

4. Future herd
SireMatch predicts and shows the genetic progress using your animal data, breeding goal and other personal settings. The program can be further finetuned according to your wishes to get the perfect representation of your future herd.

5. Advice
SireMatch offers easy to read overviews, such as a mating advice per animal (ranked as a first, second and third choice), a list of the recommended bulls – reported at a frequency you choose. This simplifies the breeding process and guarantees you the best possible mating advice and the most genetic progress within your own breeding goal.


6. Ovalert
Ovalert with activity measurement offers a complete detection package that takes away all your worries concerning the health and fertility of your herd. Via a link to SireMatch you have immediate access to the recommended bull choice.

7. HerdOptimizer
Your personal breeding goal used by SireMatch to form mating advice can be directly incorporated into HerdOptimizer. This application supports you with clear reports on the breeding values of your animals and objective advice to underpin your selection strategy.

Unbiased mating advice

SireMatch offers you objective and unbiased mating advice. The most suitable bulls are selected based on your own breeding goal and the program can include bulls from other genetics suppliers. The advanced program calculates the best possible mating match for every animal.

No more worries

SireMatch relieves you of all the worries about breeding. The program prevents inbreeding and matings that involve a higher risk of genetic levels.


SireMatch can be completely customized to suit your own requirements and wishes, including defining a breeding goal. You can set lower limits for certain traits, weight the importance of other traits that need extra attention in your herd and indicate the maximum acceptable level of inbreeding. You can also choose different breeding strategies for multiple groups of animals.


SireMatch is completely web-based. This means the program is regularly updated so that you always work with the very latest animal data.

For all breeds

SireMatch supports all breeds and the program can also be used by farmers who cross-breed between breeds.

Includes selection

SireMatch can make an objective selection of animals for you that make the best match with your own breeding strategy. You can decide to apply a targeted strategy and mate the best animals using SiryX sexed semen, and maybe exclude lower-ranked animals from the breeding program by inseminating them with semen from a beef bull.

Based on all the available data

SireMatch uses all the data available on your herd – known breeding values, classification, and milk recording. Farms with only low levels of official herd data can also use SireMatch. In that case, the program uses known pedigree data. If available, SireMatch will use the genomic breeding values – from the bulls and from your own cows and heifers.

Practical reports

SireMatch users will receive practical, clear reports. As well as mating advice per animal and an overview of the recommended bulls, the report also predicts the expected genetic progress and improvement. The selected program settings are also clearly presented.

Sirematch saves me worries! I can breed specifically towards my own breeding goals and create a uniform herd. With SireMatch I'm not flying blind.
Dairy Farmer Franz Heinzl, Schechen, Germany

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