Product benefits

  • Unbiased mating advice
  • Web-based
  • For all breeds
  • Based on all the available data
  • Customizable

Efficient milking, easy-to-manage, healthy cows are a priority, no matter what kind of dairy operation you have. When it comes to maximizing your return on investment and building your next generation of cows, CRV has the complete-solutions approach. We call it HerdOptimizer.

HerdOptimizer is a revolutionary genetic management program that combines genomic testing, customized breeding goals, careful trait selection, easy-to-use test results, and breeding recommendations to deliver faster and more reliable herd improvement. HerdOptimizer is precision breeding.

CRV has a long history of providing dairy producers with the tools they need to make smart decisions on their farms. HerdOptimizer is for any producer looking to easily customize their breeding goals, no matter what they may be.

The program uses the individual cow’s genetic makeup to determine the potential of her offspring and then selects the best matings to build upon strengths and improve weaknesses within the herd, while managing inbreeding and protecting against haplotypes and detrimental recessives.

Not only does HerdOptimizer capture the traditional U.S. genomic traits the dairy industry has become used to, but it also includes more than 20 proprietary CRV HerdBuilder Traits such as hoof health, udder health, and robot efficiency.


Getting started is simple, and your CRV Genetic Consultant will be with you every step of the way – helping you customize your breeding program for cows that are healthier, easier to manage and, ultimately, more profitable.

The first step is to tell your CRV genetic consultant you are interested in HerdOptimizer. CRV will then work with you to develop customized breeding goals and get you the proper tools to collect and ship your genomic samples. From there, CRV will work with our genomic testing partner, Neogen, and CRV’s team of geneticists to determine the genomic profile of your animals. Within three weeks of the samples arriving at the labs, your results will be ready. At that time your CRV genetic consultant will review your results with you and help you determine the next best steps to help you meet your goals.

  • Customized to your specific breeding goals
  • Improves herd production and longevity
  • Promotes efficient and healthy cows
  • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Improves premium milk components
  • Helps producers make better decisions for the next generation


'By using Dutch Holstein, our combined fat & protein increased by 28.000 lbs/month in six years.'  
Emily, Kory and Mike Branagan. Turin, NY

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