Better Life Health

Product benefits

  • Healthy cows
  • Fertile cows
  • Produce milk without problems

A healthy herd has always been important. But breeding for health seems to be a complicated thing. One myth is that breeding for health doesn’t work because heritabilities are low.

But we all now that there are always some cows that never get sick. The ones you never see, those are our favorites. And that is definitely genetically determined.

Breeding for better health is realistic when done consistently. We should know. CRV has selected bulls for excellent health for over 60 years. Genetics progress is impressive and we’d like to help you achieve the same.

For that reason, we developed one single figure that allows to breed for overall good herd health: Better Life Health 


In this unique CRV index the breeding values for ketosis, udder health, hoof health, daughter fertility, calving ease and calf vitality are combined. As simple rule of thumb:

Bulls with 5% Better Life Health or higher improve every health trait.


Have a look at how  Better Life Health is performing in a sample of our US customers:

Better Life Health Flyer 2018


























What will the Better Life breeding values give you? Watch the movie below.

Reliable breeding values are the basis for sustainable breeding.
Dairy farmers Jos and Ingrid Knoef, Geesteren, The Netherlands

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