Better Life Efficiency

Product benefits

  • Convert feed efficiently into milk
  • Durable
  • High lifetime production

Eager to improve the efficiency of your herd and get more milk out of each lbs of feed?

We give you one single figure to achieve just that. And we call it: Better Life Efficiency.

Cows that have a higher lifetime production with less feed. That is what this breeding value is about. One number to select on, with tons of research backing it’s validity. It can’t be easier than that.

Better Life Efficiency is an index developed by CRV that wraps up all the traits needed to select for more milk per lbs feed consumed.

Obviously, milk and longevity are important parts of this breeding trait, but persistency, maturity rate, fertility and weight are also taken into account. And our crown jewel in this index is feed intake.
Not just an estimated feed intake but a breeding value based on the largest dataset of actually measured feed intake from lactating animals.

A score of 1% Better Life Efficiency corresponds with an extra 3,300lbs milk production in a cow’s lifetime.

As a rule of thumb, any bull or cow with a +5% score for Better Life Efficiency is considerably going to improve the efficiency of your herd.



















What will the Better Life breeding values give you? Watch the movie below.


‘Economically seen Jersey is the best breed. Their feed efficiency is very high and veterinary costs are low.'
Dairy farmers Jeffrey and Pauline Brode, Varde, Denmark

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