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Vida Boa is Brazilian for “the good life,” and Vida Boa Dairy in Tulare, California, feels as if they are indeed living the good life. Owned and operated by the Victor Mendes  family, Vida Boa Dairy, home to 1,600 Jerseys, are fueled by their philosophy that you get out what you put in.

“Quality in, quality out,” states Jason Jones, Victor Mendes son-in-law and head employee who oversees
the daily cow management of the dairy.

Today, Vida Boa Dairy milks 1,600 Jerseys on two dairies: their home farm (purchased in 2003) has 1,100 Jerseys and the second (leased in 2013) milks 500 Jerseys. The combined dairies have a bulk tank average of 57 pounds with a 5.1 percent butterfat and 3.9 percent protein.

“With milking Jerseys, everything—feed efficiencies, longevity and productivity—plugs into place,” states Jason.

Vida Boa Dairy has worked with CRV since 2012. When it comes to breeding, Jason select six to eight bulls to use in their breeding line-up for both heifers and cows.

“At Vida Boa Dairy our number one goal when selecting bulls is to make an all-around better cow and that is why CRV is at the top of our list,” says Jason. “Their bulls and customer service are second to none.”

Vida Boa herd standouts include a first lactation 097JE00115 MACH daughter who has a M.E. of 26,620 with a 4.8 percent butterfat and 3.7 percent protein. Also, a first lactation 097JE00130 GRAVATON who has a M.E. of 23,370 with a 5.5 and 3.8, butterfat and protein respectfully. Finally, a 097JE00137 MONACO first lactation daughter has a 21,650 M.E. with a 5.2 butterfat and 3.9 protein. “These cows really stood out with well-attached, beautiful udders,” said Jason.

When Jason looks to the future, he is inspired by his three sons, who work alongside him: Brady, 18, Ian, 14 and Weston, 9. “I love my job and by no means could ever envision working elsewhere. Working side-by-side with our team and with our cows is beyond rewarding.”

“We are living the good life,” states Jason. “We really are living CRV’s motto of building BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, something that every dairy producer is striving for.”