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CRV Bulls Excel in Health Traits

CRV continues to lead the way in health traits and provides an easy tool to select the right bulls for an overall healthy herd

This April sire summary, CRV USA is thrilled to release unprecedented strong lineups for the Holstein, Jersey and Red breeds. Excelling in the proprietary CRV health traits, as well as efficiency traits and milk components, these sires stay true to CRV USA’s promise to help producers achieve a problem-free herd that efficiently transforms feed into premium milk. Traits that are especially valuable in todays milk market.



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Cover Holstein Directory Winter 2017-2018

CRV lineups offer genetics proven to build efficient, healthier and more profitable cows

Milk Urea Nitrogen helps producers breed for a more efficient cow
(Madison, Wis.)—CRV USA is excited to release strong lineups for both the Holstein and Jersey breeds—delivering on our promise to help producers build better cows for a better life. For several years, CRV USA has helped customers truly focus on ways to make their operation more profitable: building healthier herds, driving efficient production, and producing premium milk. That focus continues today and is further underscored with the release of a new CRV proprietary HerdBuilder trait—Milk Urea Nitrogen….

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