More milk out of your feed with CRV’s August lineup

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CRV continues to lead the efficiency in genetics for a better bottom line, with the launch of two new exclusive feed efficiency traits this August 2018. In addition, CRV USA adds a strong list of new additions to their Holstein and Jersey lineup with the #1,2 and 3 highest ranking... read more ›

Cows go Dutch with new feed efficiency trait

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The next revolution in cattle breeding Imagine this: a cow that produces more (premium) milk per lbs of feed she eats. She isn’t smaller or less healthy. She simply converts her feed into milk more efficiently. With 50% of costs on a dairy farm going to feed, creating more milk... read more ›

Crossbreeding in practice

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Breeding cattle by crossing different dairy breeds is a practice that regularly occurs in the dairy cattle sector. Its popularity rises and falls, but analysis performed by CRV has revealed that there is a permanent group of farmers who continue to mix and match two or three dairy breeds with... read more ›

Beyond Fat and Protein: 4 milk characteristics to add to your breeding program

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In the current milk market, making money through milk is all about the amount of components produced in a hundredweight. With fat and protein percent being highly heritable, genetic selection is one of the routes a dairy producer can take to increase a milk check. Selective breeding is about preparing... read more ›

CRV Bulls Excel in Health Traits

CRV continues to lead the way in health traits and provides an easy tool to select the right bulls for an overall healthy herd This April sire summary, CRV USA is thrilled to release unprecedented strong lineups for the Holstein, Jersey and Red breeds. Excelling in the proprietary CRV health... read more ›