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Ever wondered what CRV can do for you? This Summary of CRV products gives you a quick overview of some of our products and services CRV provides to help you achieve that HEALTHY, EFFICIENT and PREMIUM MILK producing herd.



An InSire designation means that young sires have been selected for their high potential based on marker information. With marker selection or genomic selection, CRV is able to unravel the genetic potential of a bull at an early stage and determine whether it will be an average animal or the next international top bull. In addition, the young sires sampled by CRV are twice as likely to break through as a proven bull and this will lead to more rapid genetic progress.


CRV is offering sexed semen from its top sires under the name SiryX. Inseminations with SiryX sexed semen will result
in at least 90% heifer calves. SiryX has important advantages for producers and has the capacity to maximise farm profit in several ways:

  • Assured production of heifer calves for replacement or expansion
  • Reducing the number of difficult births
  • Higher turnover
  • Faster genetic progress



For every breeding goal, for every breed and for every cow, SireMatch finds the best unbiased mating. SireMatch’s web-based mating program offers an incredible number of new possibilities for the user. All breeding value bases can be used and all sires in the world can be included in a tailor-made bull package. And you can create bull packages for sexed semen and genomic selection. SireMatch offers different mating levels dependent on the available information.


The goals of dairymen are at the forefront of everything CRV does. By employing the most qualified technicians, sales managers, and reproductive consultants we ensure that the needs and goals of dairymen are fulfilled. By creating customized breeding goals and using the best bulls to breed the next generation of animals, CRV can help producers create the ideal herd to work with on their farm.