About CRV


At CRV USA, our company values run deep. We use our passion for the dairy industry to achieve our main goal of improving quality of life for both animals and people alike. We truly care about you and your business, and want your operation to continue for generations to come.

CRV isn’t just a bull stud. Through our innovation and ability to create genetics with a purpose, we help you produce a product that fits an ever-changing dairy market – not just animals that perform well in the show ring. At CRV, we take pride in our superior genetics, our dedication to today’s dairy producer, and the progress we’ve made around the world to incorporate all aspects of cattle breeding.

Our Mission:
‘CRV is a leading customer-focused cattle improvement co-operative, fully committed to adding value for farmers’

We believe that by listening to our farmers’ needs, suggestions and concerns, we can provide value added solutions for their specific goals. And deliver them with passion, innovation, reliability and unequaled support.



CRV is a co-operative that is owned by the Dutch co-operative CR Delta and the Flemish co-operative VRV. About 27,000 dairy and beef farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders are member of these co-operatives and they have great influence on CRV’s policy. They do this through the co-operative’s advisory bodies and member committees.

‘We believe in creating better cows for a better life’



CRV wants to play a significant role in the international world of cattle improvement. We want to react quickly to changing market demands and be a groundbreaking organization by offering innovative solutions and concepts as an answer to the needs of our customers – both dairy and beef farmers across the world.


‘CRV delivers genetics and smart solutions that help producers build healthy and efficient herds. These easy to manage and profitable herds secure a better life for our customers, their cows and our society’



CRV, its members, customers and employees, are inspired by the cattle industry. it is from this inspiration that CRV employees have te drive to support their customers and to help them to achieve their goals and to improve their herd results. Customer needs and customer benefits determine our activities and we want to add value for everyone who uses our products and services. This means that CRV wants to deliver solutions that support farmers in their management by contributing to:

  • an increase of the sales price of farm products
  • a decrease in cost price
  • efficient use of labour
  • securing quality in farming



Cattle improvement is the core business of CRV. This means that our field of activity includes breeding, collection and processing of cattle data, herd book activities, on-farm services, management products and publishing magazines.



Being a company with a co-operative base, CRV wants to create sustainable added value to support the continuity of our members’ and customers’ businesses for future generations. Reliability and transparency are therefore very important in the way we serve our customers. CRV focuses on return on investment and long-term benefits for all stakeholders including all members, customers, employees, suppliers and the society.